Evaporative Air Conditioning

Kelly’s provide additional services in Evaporative Air Conditioning, providing servicing, repairs and replacements on Bonaire & Celair units in Mandurah, Rockingham and the greater Peel Region.

Evaporative air conditioners should be serviced twice a year. A start up service should be carried out at the beginning of summer to ensure all components are in good condition and working correctly for optimum cooling results. The unit should then be serviced at the end of summer to ensure all components are clean and dry to avoid bacteria growing.


As the winter months arrive and you have put the air conditioner to bed, a great way to save money with your heating costs is by not only closing the vents in your ceiling but take one vent out to use as a template, trace around it on a piece of card, cut it out, put vent back in ceiling and puch the card up to cover the vent. Repeat this process for all of the vents in your home. It will save you money on heating costs as we all know hot air rises and will disappear through the gaps in your closed vents.

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Warranty Service Agents

Kelly’s are warranty Service Agents for Bonaire and Celair.

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Local Hot Water Specialists 

Kelly’s are HOT WATER SPECIALISTS and are happy to provide you with an obligation free quote with expert advice on what best suits your needs.

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